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Foot and ankle injuries can limit your ability to move about and can be extremely painful and disruptive to daily life. If you suffer a foot or ankle injury, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon James J. Reid, MD, in Los Angeles, California, can help. Dr. Reid is an expert in diagnosing and treating injuries in the lower limbs, including fractures, sprains, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon ruptures. Call Dr. Reid’s Culver City office today or book an appointment online to find out how you can benefit from his expertise in foot and ankle injuries.

Foot and Ankle Injury Q&A

What is an acute foot and ankle injury?

Acute foot and ankle injuries are those where the damage happens suddenly, with no warning. This could be the result of a trip or fall, an accident at work or on the roads, or when playing sports. Common acute foot and ankle injuries include:

  • Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Ankle fractures
  • Talus and heel fractures
  • Sprained ankles
  • Toe and forefoot fractures

Fractures are breaks in your bones. Feet are likely to suffer crush injuries involving several fractures from something heavy falling on or running over the feet.

Sprains are overstretched or torn ligaments — connective tissues attaching the bones to each other in your joints. Ankle sprains are among the most common lower limb injuries, happening when you bend the joint over or land awkwardly on your foot.

What is an overuse injury of the foot and ankle?

Overuse is where you repeat the same activity frequently over a long period. Excessive use irritates the tissues and causes chronic inflammation and pain. Some overuse injuries result in tiny tears in the connective tissues or hairline fractures in the bones.

Common overuse foot and ankle injuries include stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and Achilles tendinitis.

How are foot and ankle injuries diagnosed?

Dr. Reid assesses your foot or ankle injury during your physical exam. He takes fluoroscopic digital X-rays in the office to assess damage. In some cases, he may need to refer you for an MRI or CT scan of your foot to confirm his diagnosis. 

An ankle or subtalar arthroscopy can be performed if indicated. During an arthroscopic procedure, Dr. Reid can repair any damaged structures. 

How are foot and ankle injuries treated?

The treatment plan Dr. Reid creates for you will likely begin with conservative approaches and can include:

  • Anti-inflammatory pain medicine
  • Splint or brace
  • Cast for a fracture
  • Strapping
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Custom cast Orthotics
  • Physical therapy

Steroid injections might be necessary if these treatments aren’t relieving your symptoms. Steroid injections have a far more potent anti-inflammatory effect than oral medication.

Would I need surgery for a foot or ankle injury?

Fractures in your foot or ankle might require surgery if Dr. Reid can’t reposition the broken bones manually. He’ll use pins, plates, and screws to hold the bones in place while they heal. Surgical tendon and ligament reconstruction might be necessary to treat ruptured connective tissues.

Dr. Reid uses arthroscopic techniques whenever possible to minimize tissue damage and pain and promote a faster recovery.

Call James J. Reid, MD, today or book an appointment online for expert treatment of your foot or ankle injury.